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Terms & Conditions

1. Course Fees are quoted in NZ dollars.
2. Course Fees are to be paid one week in advanced before the month of lesson and it covers the entire month’s lessons.
3. We are closed on Public Holidays, and they will be considered as part of the monthly fees.
No lessons will be conducted on that particular day.
4. Group sessions are based on availability. Group size of two students are usually formed by friends. (*Groups lesson are not available at the moment.)
5. We generally do not allow our students to postpone their individual lessons unnecessarily.

To book a make-up class for missed lesson, 5 guidelines follow:
(i) Notification must be done at least 48 hours in advance.
(ii) Make-up slots are subjected to availability during working hours.
(iii) Students are only entitled to make-up for the lesson within the next week of missed lesson or the following week (if student is traveling).
(iv) Scheduling a make-up 1 week in advance is possible and encouraged.
(v) Students with circumstantial reasons like hospitalization, bereavement, reservists, or major examinations, will not be required to make-up classes for a maximum of 2 weeks.

6. There will be no make-up for group lessons. Group lessons will still carry on in spite of the absence of a student.
7. SLDS reserves the right to change course schedules, modify course fees, change drum educators, limit/increase class size, reject students and cancel courses without prior notice.
8. Enrollment will be terminated and no refund will be given in the event of non-appearance (or postponed classes) for more than 4 out of 8 consecutive sessions.
9. SLDS has the right to terminate the enrollment of a student in an event that the student is un-contactable (through calls, sms, email) for 2 consecutive weeks.
10. The student deposit will only be an offset of the final payment (1st week of month), and not a $70 cash refund.
11. If a drum student has travel plans or has to skip a number of lessons (e.g 4 lessons), SLDS may release the slot and terminate the enrollment, and the student will have to re-register.  Either that, or the student can make an advanced payment for the lessons and make up afterwards.
12. All make-up classes will be forfeited on the 31st of December, unless the make-up was incurred in the month of December itself; It will carry forward to the following year.


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