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Drum Lessons


The Intermediate Course focuses on helping students to develop drum independence, syncopation, improvisation, speed, rhythmic applications, and other rudimental techniques which will help performing in a band, showcasing a drum solo, or even composing drum rhythms & grooves. Students will listen, recognize, transcribe and practice different style of songs and rhythms.

With help of our in-house built resources, students will improve and sharpen their drumming skills through applying the techniques and concepts learnt from the Beginner Course syllabus. The primary focus of this course is to enable the student to feel comfortable drumming to any genre or style of music.

Intermediate Level 1:
Speed & Improvisation

Intermediate Level 2:
World Music & 40 Rudiments

Intermediate Level 3:
World Music & 40 Rudiments (2)


(30min Session)

$ 200 per Month
  • One on One Lesson
  • 30 Minutes Session / Week
  • 1 Free Studio Recording (Worth Over $360)

(50min Session)

$ 310 per Month
  • One on One Lesson
  • 50 Minutes Session / Week
  • 1 Free Studio Recording (Worth Over $360)

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