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We offer studio booking service for all drummers.

State-Of-Art Drum Studio

All studio rooms are acoustically treated and equipped with high quality drums and cymbals, and integrated with latest digital technologies, designed to provide next level drumming experience.


SL Student

Studio Booking
$ 20 / Hour
  • High end drum kit with cymbals
  • PA System / Screen
  • I-pad / Headphones
  • Full Access To i-Tunes Music/Youtube Premium/Drum Resources


Studio Booking
$ 45 / Hour
  • Acoustically Treated & Soundproofed Studio
  • High-end drum kit with cymbals
  • PA System / Screen

Equipments We Use

Every one of our equipments is to deliver the finest possible drumming/learning experience.

Drum Kits

DW Performance Series

TAMA Starclassic B/B

Vongott Maple M7

Pearl Decade Maple

Roland TD-17 KVX

Zildjian K Cymbals

Zildjian K Custom Cymbals

Zildjian A Cymbals

Zildjian A Custom Cymbals

Sabian HHX Revolution Cymbals

Apple Deivces

Apple iPad 3rd Gen

Apple TV 4K

iMac 2019

And More

UHD Screens & Speakers

Panasonic 60" UHD 4K TV Monitor

Philips 55" UHD 4K TV Monitor

Mackie Thump12A

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