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Drum Lessons


Children are instinctive drummers. They like to be in the present.
Unlike other instruments where the child has to practise a few months in order to play a song, drumming is in the present and instantaneous. The majority of world-class drummers has been exposed to drumming at an early age.

Our Junior Classes are extremely beneficial for children from the age of 6. Our course is designed to bring fun and fundamentals to our students, educating them how to count beats, understand rhythm, keep time and get tuned in to playing basic drum beats.

Through time, the child develops coordination and timing through a series of interactive exercises that will keep him or her involved and actively participating by playing along with the lesson.


Junior Level 1

Junior Level 2


(6 - 9 Yr Old)

$ 180 per Month
  • One on One Lesson
  • 30 Minutes Session / Week
  • 1 Free Studio Recording
    (Worth Over $360)

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